Category Name Make Model
T1 Best Truck of the Show Andrea Crawford Peterbilt 388 2010
T2 Best Truck under 3 years Andrea Crawford Peterbilt 388 2010
T3 Best Truck 4-9 years Thorpe Interstate Kenworth T604 2004
T4 Best Truck 10-19 years Thorpe Interstate Kenworth T950 1998
T5 Best Truck 20-29 years Shane Kelly Western Star Cheyene 1984
T6 Best Truck 30-39 years Ad Trans Kenworth K125 1979
T7 Best Truck 40 years and over Max Pollard International R200 1968
T8 Best Local Truck Sutton Transport Western Star 4800 2012
T9 Best Small Fleet Thorpe Interstate Kenworth T950 1998
T10 Best Tow Truck Matt Ritchie Kenworth K200 2013
T11 Best Tilt Tray Tow Truck Danny Payne Cat CT610 2010
T12 Best Log Truck David Blackwood Kenworth T659 2012
T13 Best Log Truck new to 3 years David Blackwood Kenworth T659 2012
T14 Best Log Truck 4 years and over Brett Conway Western Star Short 2007
T15 Best Tipper GF & RK Baker Western Star A800 2010
T16 Best European Truck Aaron Pendlebury Volvo FH16700 2013
T17 Best Vintage Truck pre-1960 Ron Ridd Chev Slake Side 1942


Entry # Category Name Vehicle
544 Best Family Ute Adrian Rice Toyota Hilux
525 Best Jap Ute Rachel Kent Isuzu
533 Best Holden Ute Ron Cassidy Holden Commodore
504 Best Ford Ute Max French Ford Falcon
542 Best Original/Restored Ute Ron Bragg Holden HQ
514 Best B & S Ute Pre 90 Nathan Cartwright Holden HZ
503 Best B & S Ute Post 90 Sammy Hart Holden Commodore
509 Best Feral Ute Robert Burgess Toyota  Landcruiser
525 Best Chick’s Ute Rachel Kent Isuzu
502 Best Tradies Working Ute Ben Tooney Holden Commodore
511 Best 4X4 Ute Hayden Sharman Toyota Landcruiser
523 Best Corporate Ute Chris Lutz Ford Falcon
520 Best Street Ute Cameron Wotherspoon Holden Commodore
520 Ute of the show Cameron Wotherspoon Holden Commodore


Entry # Name Reg. Vehicle
1088 Chris Cecil V8INTA 1953 International
1076 David Graham 10887H 1959 Holden
1118 Bruce Margetts HOTCAM 1961 Holden
1108 Lennie Souter FORD27 1927 Ford
1207 Tony Murray 21323H 1948 Chev
1127 Shaun Orchard TOUDOR0 1928 Ford
1197 Adtrans FINS 1958 Desoto
1195 Adtrans BLOWNA A Model Ford
1111 Mick Wane 254931 1934 Ford S Wagon
1109 Peter & Jenny Lovett 341222 1934 Nash