The Bullet is Coming

The world’s fastest conventionally powered truck is on it’s way from Brisbane to the 2019 Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show.

The Bullet’s record has stood since the 8 tonne, 2,800 horse-power Kenworth T400 hurtled down the Bundaberg Airport runway on 21 July, 2005. Frank Gaffiero was at the wheel when the Bullet averaged over 184km/h for the 1km course, maxxing at over 305km/h.

You’ll see this historic truck on Grant St. in Alexandra when the Truck Show rolls in on 9 June, 2019.

9 June, 2019

Truck of the Show, 2017 – A Memorable One

Paul Patsuris was talking with his family on Friday, and said “Come on, let’s take ‘er to Alex. If we don’t, we’ll just be spending another weekend working on the farm.” Well what a magnificent decision. Their beautifully presented 2016 Kenworth T909, shortly after being awarded the 2017 Telstra People’s Choice award winner, was crowned the 2017 Best Truck of the Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show.

Congratulations to Paul Patsuris and family, for a true Primary Producer plated working farm truck entry that none of us will soon forget.

Powertorque Magazine Tribute – Truck Show 20, 2016

Thanks for the memories, folks. Don’t miss the next edition of Powertorque magazine for your full 2016 Truck Show wrap.

I Can See My Truck From Here!

What a sensational image of the thousands of happy punters at the 2014 Alexandra Truck Ute & Rod Show.


Looking forward to the 2015 Show on the June Queen’s Birthday weekend.