Truck, Ute, & Rod Registrations Open!

The time has come to register your machine for display at the 2024 Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show.

This year it’s easier than ever. Trucks, Utes, and Rods:

Step 1: Register and provide the details for your machine(s):

Step 2: Book your accommodation

Step 3: Tell your mates you’ll see them in Alex!

All truck judging will be conducted by independent judges from the industry. Ute and Rod judging will be conducted by independent enthusiasts.

Alexandra can’t wait to welcome you back.

Truck Show 2024

Truck Show is back! It’s on bitumen! The promise, as always is enjoyment for families from Melbourne and across regional Victoria and beyond. Oh, and entry is free!

I Can See My Truck From Here!

What a sensational image of the thousands of happy punters at the 2014 Alexandra Truck Ute & Rod Show.


We’ll see you at the next Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show on the June Queen’s Birthday weekend.